Editorial Team

Rutvij Joshi – Managing Editor

With years of experience, Rutvij is in control of supervising the staff at Industry News Live and daily operations of news publications. Closely waking with the editor-in-chief, he monitors the interest levels and relevance of the published material. At Industry News Live, Rutvij works as a liaison between the editorial staff and publisher.

Sagar Gangane – Editor in Chief

Sagar Gangane is an editor in chief at the Industry News Live. He oversees the complete media and communication work of the Industry News Live. With a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and hands-on-experience in digital marketing, he looks after the main curation of the daily stories and news.

Alisha – Journalist

Ms. Alisha is a Production Director with Industry News Live, which is a cumulative collective for stories around different topics. She has studied Mechanical Engineering and has also worked as a digital marketing professional. With her productive and creative skills, she is used to creating informative and trending news for our readers.