Admirers of Barack Obama commemorate his legacy on Donald Trump’s birthday

Admirers are claiming June 14 as Barack Obama’s day, which also is Donald Trump’s birthday.


On Twitter, numerous followers have used the hashtag #ObamaDay June 14 as a means to celebrate the 44th president’s legacy. “Even though it’s not Obama’s birthday, I’m still wishing him a happy birthday because he is the only president we’re acknowledging today #ObamaDayJune14th,” one of the admirers tweeted. 


Although it was President Donald Trump’s birthday, but to many, it is Obama’s Day. The existing president has become 74 today, but contrary to that the national attention is being oriented to Obama, President Trump’s predecessor. 


The hashtag #ObamaDayJune14th and #ObamaDay is ruling the Twittersphere. While memes illustrate the Nobel Peace prize winner but few of his presidential moments abound, #TrumpWearsAdultDiapers has nearly 100,000 mentions.


But this was not a natural movement that merely started trending overnight. For weeks, notes have been overflowing as user’s direct messages urging to take part in this social media acquisition. Several users tagged the President with images of Obama, whereas some users started using the hashtag #AllBirthdaysMatter.


#AllBirthdaysMatter was a direct swipe at 45 and his recurrent termination of the Black Lives Matter movement. Concerning 2016, Trump has openly stated that Black Lives Matter is un-American and that a more comprehensive phrase is more suitable. He then said to a clusterof protesters in Virginia, “You’re going to hear it once, ‘All lives matter!”

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