Amazon declares that they will be offering 125,000 basis jobs to temporary workers

Amazon is offering full-time basis jobs to around 125,000 of 175,000 temporary employees which they recruited in March to cope with the COVID-19 rush, if the employees would like to work in Amazon in the long run.

According to Amazon, the remaining 50,000 employees may have to choose between returning to their earlier job or continue to work with Amazon in seasonal or part-time functions.

Amazon pays a minimum of $15 per hour to its 600,000-powerful workforce.

In March, the e-commerce giant notified that they will be recruiting 175,000 roles throughout their operations network to help provide for the communities and encourage a large number of people to work during the global pandemic.

On Thursday, Amazon mentioned in a statement that “Like other companies, we hired these individuals for seasonal roles to meet a surge in demand and, for many, there was the hope of returning back to their previous companies once states began to re-open,” 

“As the long-term picture becomes more clear, we’re providing the opportunity for 125,000 of those who came on with us seasonally to stay with Amazon and transition into a regular, full-time role beginning in June,” Amazon added. 

Few employees may decide to return back to their earlier job while the others may decide to keep working with Amazon in seasonal or part-time roles. But the Regular, full-time based roles at Amazon are inclusive of an extensive benefits package as a minimum remuneration of at least $15 an hour and access to training programmes like Career Choice which will make it easier for the employees to learn and springboard into various career options at Amazon or other businesses.

“We hope the option for so many people to stay on long-term at Amazon will help alleviate some of the ongoing burden of unemployment in communities across the US as we all work together to fight through this crisis,” mentioned Amazon.

Amazon had previously announced to invest roughly around $4 billion to keep their employees secure and safe.


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