Apple embarks on a new project to assist the developers in creating advanced password managers

Apple’s latest project will encourage various developers of password managers to collaborate and develop strong passwords. This new source is accessible on GitHub, an open-source deposit. 


Apple is attempting to assist developers in creating password management applications that are suitable for almost all the platforms. With an aim to encourage the developers to build stronger passwords for their users, Apple has established a brand new open source project named Password Manager Resources.


This latest resource is available on an open-source repository called GitHub. This latest project will assist developers of password managers to co-operate and generate strong passwords that are compatible with well-known websites, the company mentioned in a statement on Friday.


The Password Manager Resources open source project permits developers to incorporate website-specific provisions applied by the iCloud Keychain password manager to create strong and unmatched passwords.


This open-source plan also comprises of compilations of websites recognized to share a sign-in system, links to websites’ pages where people can modify passwords, and more.


Apple is accumulating information data on particular password requirements of specific sites and enabling developers to incorporate this data into their own apps.


“Every time a password manager generates a password that isn’t actually compatible with a website, a person not only has a bad experience, but a reason to be tempted to create their own password,” the company stated. 


Apple is also stimulating developers to combine data and other information from the project into their own particular apps.


In recent times, a 27-year-old Indian security researcher Bhavuk Jain got rewarded $100,000 (over ₹75.5 lakh) from Apple for detecting a now-patched Zero-Day weakness in the Sign in with Apple account verification.


The Zero-Day risk could have enabled a hacker to break through an Apple user’s account who logs into third-party apps such as Giphy, Spotify, Dropbox and, Airbnb, (now bought by Facebook) amongst others.


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