China slams shut 10 more Beijing areas due to another coronavirus cluster

Beijing’s City official Li Junjie mentioned at a press conference that new cases have been reported in a second wholesale market in the northwestern Haidian district.


On Monday, China’s capital city Beijing sprinted to control a new coronavirus outburst, with 75  fresh cases related to just one wholesale food market in Beijing where the officials have locked down neighbouring areas and initiated a huge test and trace programme.


The outburst in China — where the disease first appeared in the previous year last year had substantially been brought under control until an additional new batch of cases was discovered in the capital in the previous week.


On Monday, the health authorities reported 49 new cases across the nation comprising of 36 more in Beijing where a cluster related to the Xinfadi market has pushed forward fears of another wave of infections.


At a press conference, City official Li Junjie stated that the cases had even been identified at the Yuquandong wholesale market in the capital’s northwestern Haidian district.


As a consequence, that market had been shut down and the neighbouring schools would also be closed, whereas residents living in 10 housing estates near the market would be prohibited from leaving their homes, he stated. 


It was not right away clear as to the number of households who were under the new lockdowns, but these new orders will surely create an impact on thousands of citizens.


The capital has commenced with mass testing employees who work in the  Xinfadi food market, along with those who live in the vicinity and whosoever recently visited the market. Various cities have alerted their residents to not to travel to Beijing.


The officials are even intensifying their measures to track down people who have recently visited the Xinfadi market, with multiple companies and neighbouring localities messaging workforce and residents to ask about their latest activities.


Now altogether 177 people have contracted the virus in China — of which two of them are severe cases — the number being the highest since early May.


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