Coronavirus – Africa Getting Ready, But Slowly!

The African continent is still free from the virus as well as social distancing.

Commuters on motorbikes and bicycles are waving through traffic in OUAGADOUGOUwearing face masks to take care of their lungs but not so aware of the virus. They are protecting themselves from the dust blowing from the Sahara.

Extensive panic has not still arrived in the country over the coronavirus and many other parts of Africa, even as the pandemic has spread across China, Europe, and the United States.

Some of Africa’s Sub-Saharan regions are not yet as hard as early by the virus, despite predictions by some experts who already warned about the transit between Africa and China where actual outbreak was started, might bring infection in Africa. Instead, it has been seen that most people are coming from North American and Europe who carried the virus into Africa.

The first two infections were found in Burkina Faso where a husband & wife came back from France where they attended a Lenten prayer conference. Out of the total 20 cases confirmed in Burkino Faso, 2 members also flew back from France.

Many African countries like Ghana, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, and South Africa are the sub-Saharan nations with the most cases. Europe and the United States have recently set strict bans on the Africans against entering their borders.

Some of the experts state that people are yet to take the threat of coronavirus that seriously even though African presidents are already announcing strict measures to be taken in order to prevent the spread of infection.

Oyewale Tomori, a professor of virology and recent president of the Nigerian Academy of Science said, “That’s the danger I’m worried about. We can’t wait for a repeat of what happened in China.”

On Tuesday, the 17th March, the number of cases in Africa slowly increased making it 410 across 30 countries, some African leaders are trying to prepare their citizens. Senegal banned public gatherings like religious too. South Africa has declared it a national disaster and closed half of its border. Libya has shut its airspace.

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