Coronavirus Lockdown in India – Modi Hints About Extension

It’s a speculation that the Indian government might extend the lockdown for 2 weeks amidst increasing cases of COID-19.

Will the Modi government stick to the original end date of the lockdown or will it be extended after 14 April?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a high-level video conference with political leaders today. He hinted at the meeting that most suggestions he’s getting are suggesting for an extension of the full lockdown currently imposed in India on 25th March. The lockdown might be extended in order to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak completely.

Prime Minister Modi held this conference via video with key leaders of the parties whose combined strength in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha adds up to 5 members

As per the highly placed sources, the Government is considering all potential options as of now. Another meeting on the same issue with chief ministers of the states is scheduled for 11th April. The lockdown might be extended for two more weeks i.e. the end of April.

The Government was previously looking at the extension as many state officials and healthcare experts had suggested such a course of action.

Top Government sources said, “A lot of state governments, as well as experts, are requesting the Centre to extend the lockdown. The central government is thinking in this direction.”

The central government previously wanted to lift the lockdown district-wise but many states, however, had suggested that this won’t help curb the virus as the spread is too easing.

This is just speculation; we will be getting the latest updates as the Government itself states what the development will be.

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