Coronavirus & Lockdown in India – Partial Lift by India Panel

An Indian panel of ministers has advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lift the lockdown partially already imposed on 25th March. The lockdown was announced in order to control the spread of the deadly virus causing a disease we know it as COVID-19.

Areas with a large number of groups with COVID-19 positive cases are going to remain locked up even if the Government releases lockdown in other areas. The panel is headed by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and suggested that recommended cities and towns can open markets on every alternate day after the 21 days lockdown period is over. As the crop harvesting period is coming closer, states can allow farmers to do so.

The Modi government is in the confusion of choosing between the livelihood of many who have very few stocks of food and keep the lockdown as it is to check the spread of the pandemic. The unemployment ratio in India might have climbed up to 20% as the lockdown continues to disrupt businesses across India.

The state and district borders might remain closed as well as the public transport mediums too. The religious gatherings won’t also be allowed. The Prime Minister will have the final call on the lockdown release.

With over 5000 confirmed cases and more than 160 deaths, India has been fighting the novel virus with full efforts.

The educational facilities will remain closed while grain markets may be started with limited operations.

As the Government body is continuously talking with independent health experts and state officials about the lockdown situation, states like Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Chhatisgarh are willing to increase the lockdown beyond 14 April.

On Wednesday, Modi will be consulting with other political leaders in the country via video conference.

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