Forthcoming Apple AirPods could introduce light sensors for health supervising features

Apple has always been very interested in including health monitoring elements in its line-up of products, and a fresh report states that the brand could possibly be taking things a notch up by including Ambient Light Sensors in the forthcoming variants of their AirPods in order to monitor data like blood oxygen level and heart rate.

In accordance with DigiTimes which states that ASE Technology could be used in producing these sensors, and the sensors can be a part of the forthcoming variants of AirPods in the following years. The publication asserts that Apple is anticipated to include ambient light sensors (ALS) in their next-generation AirPods devices in the approaching years and that Taiwan’s ASE Technology may manage the backend procedure for the brand new component.

Based on the GSMArena report, it correctly highlights the fact that similar technology is used in the competitor’s Galaxy S9 device. That device uses a sensor that gleams a light through the user’s skin to evaluate the changes in the user’s heartbeat.

Nonetheless, it will be quite interesting to witness how Apple manages to incorporate this technology into a product that’s the size of the Apple AirPods. But, once this ideation turns into reality, the feature could be very beneficial to users. Apple could possibly use light sensors to monitor blood oxygen levels with an aim to check the user’s health and underlying conditions.

But before we getting too ecstatic on this rumored feature, it would be wise to bear in mind that the leak shared by DigiTimes comes backed by a supply chain origin, and as such, the product in question could simply be a model that is currently under development and may never really be available in the market. Despite that, keeping in mind that this isn’t the first time we are learning of the introduction of brand new health-related elements in the future AirPods, we may just end up witnessing this feature turn into reality in the approaching years.

Previously, we have also known that Apple’s AirPods portfolio is about to launch and expand with more than one product supposedly in the works. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst for TF International Securities, had very recently declared a new investor note that underlines Apple’s plans for their next-generation AirPods variants and prospective over-ear headphones. Kuo has indicated that AirPods 3 will be mass-produced in the first half of 2021 although the AirPods Pro 2 production will commence in late 2021. Despite this, the brand’s over-ear headphones are possibly to go through mass production this summer, as per Kuo.

In this note, Kuo has anticipated that Apple’s high-end over-ear headphones will undergo mass manufacturing sometime amidst of 2020. This states that the headphones should be prepared for a market release by late summer or early fall this year. Nevertheless, the effect of the interruptions created by the global pandemic has not been assessed for the forecast. Some rumors have even recommended that Apple is developing premium-range over-ear headphones underneath the Beats brand, which will be available in two different variants.

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