France’s Macron assigns new prime minister following government resignation

Emmanuel Macron, French President’s government stepped down, just before a French court informed that it would examine ministers over their coronavirus reply. Jean Castex, an elite civil servant, is France’s new prime minister.


On Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron designated Jean Castex to substitute Edouard Philippe as the new prime minister.


Castex is a chief civil servant who has retained numerous posts in the local, regional and national governments. In April, he was accused of controlling the relief of France’s lockdown during the global pandemic. Philippe stepped down together with the other members of the French government.


This step opens the way for a government realignment, which was largely anticipated as French President Emmanuel Macron strives to enhance his credentials with disillusioned voters. Macron intends to refocus his final two years in office.


The remaining members of the government are anticipated to be designated by Wednesday.


On Sunday, En Marche, Macron’s centrist political party crashed in municipal elections throughout the country. Despite that, Macron enjoys a reputation at the European level, although his image at the national level has been impacted by a series of mishaps, involving the yellow vest protests and labor reforms.


Ministers to be inquired over the virus crisis. 


Hours after the step down, a special French court ordered an inquiry into numerous former ministers, which included Philippe, over their management of the coronavirus crisis.


The Law Court of the Republic witnessed exceptional 90 complaints in the latest months, filed by COVID-19 doctors, police officers, patients, prison personnel along with other French inhabitants. The deficiency of masks and other facilities was central amongst other issues. 


“I will need to make choices to lead [France] down that path,” Macron stated. He applauded Philippe’s “outstanding work” in his time while serving in the government.


In April, Macron had informed that he wished to “reinvent” himself in order to fulfill the recent issues that the French republic is facing. But to manage the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic is possibly taking the attention for the remaining period of his presidential term.

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