Google has announced to give employees $1000 each, to reopen office spaces from 6 July

From July 6 onwards, Google has asked employees to get back to the office in a step-by-step and phased manner. Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned that the company will recommence opening more offices in even more cities. 

From 6 July onwards, Google has asked its staff to get back to the office in a gradual, step-by-step means and has declared to give $1,000 to every single of its employees worldwide for costs on essential amenities and office furniture as they work from home.

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the company will reopen more office buildings in more cities post-July 6.

“This will give Googlers who need to come back to the office—or, capacity permitting, who want to come back—the opportunity to return on a limited, rotating basis (think: one day every couple of weeks, so roughly 10 percent building occupancy),” Pichai mentioned in a statement.

As per Pichai, if the condition permits, Google will acquire 30 percent office capacity by September by scaling up the rotation plan.

“Because we still expect that most Googlers will be largely working from home for the rest of this year, we’ll be giving each Googler an allowance of $1,000, or the equivalent value in your country, to expense necessary equipment and office furniture,” Pichai proclaimed.

As per Pichai, there is a defined count of Googlers whose roles are required back in the office this ongoing year.

“If this applies to you, your manager will let you know by June 10. For everyone else, returning to the office will be voluntary through the end of the year, and we encourage you to continue to work from home if you can,” mentioned Pichai.

Google’s initial outlined strategy was to keep work from home guidelines until June 1.

While several Google workers have shown interest in getting back to the office, while many others have asked if it’s all right to momentarily relocate to another place while working from home. Considering this, Pichai mentioned they need to reassess the action-lines which include essential information about numerous personal elements like tax filings and health coverage/eligibility.

The Google CEO even said that”We’ll have rigorous health and safety measures in place to ensure social distancing and sanitization guidelines are followed, so the office will look and feel different than when you left,”  “We are taking slow, deliberate steps to begin re-opening offices in areas where they still remain largely closed. We’re also investing more in your work-from-home set up to make sure you have what you need to be productive and comfortable,” Pichai added.


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