Google may need Android Go for whole new low-memory phones

Android Go might soon be scrunching more performance out of phones with low RAM in several ways— it could be necessary on those gadgets.

A leaked document indicates that Google will necessitate all further Android phones to be equipped with 2GB of RAM or lower in order to use Android Go. This even implies to low-power gadgets launching with Android 10 following Q4 2020. Smartphones launching with 512MB of RAM will allegedly not be able to operate Google Mobile Services.

The team at XDA Developers state that they have got a leaked copy of an Android 11 Go edition device guide that indicates that cellphone manufacturers will have to launch new phones as Android Go models if they ship with 2GB of RAM or lower. This also implies Android 10 devices that are to be released in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The guide successfully terminates support for devices with 512MB of RAM by remarking that the hardware is “not qualified” to load Google Mobile Services (GMS) on Android 11.

It is still not clear if the policies still are applicable. This document obtained is dated April 24, which is pretty recent but still can hold a possibility for alteration in strategy in the months after.

Go was primarily built for gadgets with under 1GB of RAM, and hasn’t been necessary on phones under that boundary. Google silently extended Go support to devices with 2GB of RAM last year.

There are firm stimulations for Google to need Android Go. Its lower hardware standards are designed to enhance the experience of just-introduced phones with low memory, restricted processing power, and slow internet access. A  necessity to use Go could strengthen performance on these entry devices and elevate the comprehensive experience by providing buyers an impetus to select Android cellphones over basic handsets. 

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