India’s PM Modi addressed to India Inc focusing on economic progress

On Tuesday, Indian PM Narendra Modi shared his outlook on ‘Getting Growth Back’ with India Inc while addressing at the annual meeting of industry body Confederation of Indian Industry. 

The PM addressed on this topic at a time when many companies are re-commencing operations following flexibilities and progressive easing of the countrywide lockdown, which was enforced on 25th March in order to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. 

Key elements of this meeting include:

  • Intent, investment, inclusion, innovation and infrastructure are needed to get the economic growth back: PM Modi.
  • Reforms are not random or scattered decisions, they are planned, systematic, inter-connected, integrated and futuristic process: PM Modi.
  • World is searching for a trusted, reliable partner and the Indian industry should make the most of it: PM Modi.
  • PM coined the present-day condition as “rise to the occasion” and requested the industry leaders to come to light as “champions of the indigenous inspiration”
  • PM Modi even raised a voice for ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for the world’ products to lower the country’s import bill.
  • In around Rs. 200 crore of purchases done by the government, global tenders have been removed to boost small-scale industries: PM Modi.
  • For private enterprises, we’ve always been encouraging to build a better ecosystem: PM Modi.
  • I request industry leaders to come up with detailed study on every sector. We will together hold discussions to make better reforms for building a better future: PM Modi. 

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