Infosys restores more than 200 workers from the US in a chartered flight

The chartered flight departed from San Francisco and brought hundreds of staff and families to Bengaluru. The US is the greatest market for Infosys which contributed 61.6% to the firm’s earnings as of the quarter concluded in March. 


India’s second-largest IT services enterprise Infosys Ltd has brought back more than 200 staff and their families in a chartered flight from the US as a provisional measure amidst increasing cases of COVID-19.


On Monday, The Infosys chartered flight departed from San Francisco and got back hundreds of staff and families members to Bengaluru, as informed by a LinkedIn post shared by Samir Gosavi, associate vice president, Retail, CPG and Logistics, Infosys.


Although Infosys did not share much information on the same, it affirmed that a flight was hosted to get Infosys overseas staff and their families back to India.


The workforce is likely to be a blend of people working on-site in client area on an H1-B visa and regular staff who had provisionally travelled to the US for work-related reasons, a spokesperson accustomed with the matter told.


The US is the biggest market for Infosys which contributes 61.6% to the company’s income as of the quarter concluded March. Although Infosys has substantially increased its local recruitment in the US, numerous of their Indian staff members continue to settle in the US on H1-B visas.


In the previous 24 months, Infosys informed that they applied its localization initiative at full scale in the US, employing beyond 10,000 US nationals or permanent residents.


At it’s latest virtual annual gathering meeting, U.B. Pravin Rao, chief operating officer, Infosys told: “Currently, 60% of our US employees are visa independent.”


In the previous year, Infosys included a brand new digital delivery centre in Arizona which made it the sixth centre of similar kind in the US which will help in fulfilling the increasing demand for direct in-market commitments.


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