Intel hacked – 20GB of private, intellectual data leaked by an unknown hacker

Confidential records and intellectual property data has been leaked everywhere on the Internet. Intel states that they are investigating the matter.


Intel is definitely not witnessing a good 2020. Following delayed productions, dropping stocks, and few of its essential team members quitting, the US-based chipmaker is now experiencing a pretty disgusting hack.

Almost 20GBs of Intel’s confidential files and intellectual property has been spread out by an unrecognized hacker and is making its way all over the internet. 

A report from Tom’s Hardware mentions that the hacker has shared a link to a 20GB file-sharing folder that includes Intel’s files that were seemingly stolen a few months ago. The hacker has given out the link on Twitter and the folder that it directs to is termed as – “Intel exconfidential Lake Platform Release ;)”. The link was initially shared via Telegram.

The hacker has even indicated in the post that several files in the folder have not been released anywhere before and are confidential and categorized under NDA or Intel Restricted Secret. Moreover, the post highlights that the password-protected zips in the folder can be accessed by entering the password as ‘Intel123’ or ‘intel123’ which has been set by the company itself.

Intel considers that the leak might have happened from the Intel Resource and Design Center that hosts data for use from customers, associations, and several other parties that have registered for access. Reports even state that Intel believes that an individual with access has downloaded this data and has spread it out via the internet.

Tom’s Hardware has even affirmed that this ‘Intel exconfidential Lake Platform Release ;)’ folder prevails and even has given a list of document titles that correspond with the data shared by the individual who leaked it. These titles comprise of – different Intel development and debugging tools; Intel Trace Hub and decoder files for various Intel ME versions; schematics, docs, tools and firmware for the unreleased Tiger Lake platform; Intel marketing material templates; Simics simulation for Rocket Lake S and potentially other platforms; several roadmaps and other documents; Silicon/FSP source code packages for different platforms; along with others. 

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