Elon Musk tells SpaceX employees to make Starship rocket as ‘top priority’

In an inward email accessed by CNBC, Musk has appealed SpaceX staff to speed up advancements on its future generation Starship rocket.


Elon Musk has informed his SpaceX employees to make Starship spacecraft as the top priority and to accelerate advancements on the very-heavy rocket impaired by turbulent testing in the past months.


In a private email which was accessed by CNBC, Musk appealed SpaceX staff to expedite developments on its future-generation Starship rocket.


Starship is the most heaviest rocket for space travel and long-distance journeys and portrays a genuinely reclaimable rocket with speedy turnaround periods that make spaceflight more approachable.


But this Starship archetype has encountered four failed trials since the project commenced in the previous year.


In an email Musk wrote, “Please consider the top SpaceX priority (apart from anything that could reduce Dragon return risk) to be Starship,” 


Marking the outset of a fresh era in the US space programme, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft bearing NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley effectively docked with the International Space Station (ISS) on 31st May.


SpaceX is building Starship with an aim of introducing up to a minimum of 100 people at one time on missions to moon and Mars. “We need to accelerate Starship progress,” Musk mentioned.


He further added, “For those considering moving, we will always offer a dedicated SpaceX aircraft to shuttle people,” 


In April, a prototype of Starship ‘SN3’ got completely ruined in the course of a pressure trial at the company’s test location in Boca Chica, Texas. The explosion occurred as liquid nitrogen was being streamed into the rocket’s propellant tanks.


On November 20, a year ago, the Mk1 prototype exploded its cover during a cryogenic pressure trial and on February 28, the SN2 prototype blew at the base in the course of a cryogenic pressurization trial.


Musk has indicated that several of these prototypes will be required to complete the Starship rocket.

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