Kevin Mayer, Disney’s head of streaming to become TikTok CEO

Walt Disney’s streaming executive, Kevin Mayer will quit from the entertainment and theme parks enormous brand to become the chief executive manager of TikTok, a well-known social media video app which belongs to China’s ByteDance Technology Co, declared the company on Monday. 

In November, Kevin Mayer directed the successful release of the Disney+ streaming service but in February he was overlooked as Disney’s new chief manager. Mayer’s appointment will be in execution from June 1, when he will also become a head operating manager of ByteDance, the Chinese company stated.

TikTok, which enables users to make short videos by adding special effects, has become hugely famous with U.S teenagers participating in viral challenges that combines dances with music clips from TikTok’s music library. The company has suggested to venture into a music streaming business, announcing in January that they will be associating with Merlin, U.K based music rights agency to enlarge its musical choices. 

ByteDance’s Chinese ownership has triggered issues in Washington about TikTok’s handling of personal details. The company makes use of advanced artificial intelligence tools to make provide video suggestions based on the user’s conduct on the application. 

In November, the U.S. Government started a national security study on ByteDance’s $1 billion procurement of the previously famous social media app, which then became TikTok. Two councilors initiated a bill to ban government employees from using TikTok on government-issued cellphones. 

To pacify the issues, ByteDance has accelerated efforts to separate TikTok from several Chinese businesses and has also hired numerous high-profile executives in recent months. They assigned former Microsoft genius property chief Erich Andersen as a global general advisory in January, post-recuritingVanessa Pappas, an experienced YouTube executive, to run its U.S. operations in the previous year.

Speculation over Mayer’s forthcoming future began spinning in February after Disney appointed Robert Chapek as its chief executive officer. Mayer, who has a “loud and forceful” conduct, as told by a former Disney executive, was seen as a dealmaker who had lately been made in charge of a large profit-and-loss section. His proportional insufficiency of operating experience was the main cause of him not getting the job, the former executive mentioned.

A ByteDance spokesperson stated that the company had “no reservations” about Mayer’s operational knowledge and further added that “any company in our sector would be delighted to have him onboard.”

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