Major earthquake shakes Western Nevada

An expert mentioned that the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in a faraway area of the state, felt as distant as Utah and California, was the powerful one since the 1950s. 

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit a distant area in western Nevada early on Friday, harming a great highway and trembling homes up to Utah and California. There was no information about the extensive damage in the scarcely populated area, But parts if highway U.S. 95,  which runs north-south, were shut in Esmeralda and Mineral Counties due to the damage,  the Department of Transportation mentioned. 

The earthquake was felt by a few people in Northern California and Salt Lake City which is hundreds of miles far from the center. It even hit around 35 miles outside of the small town of Tonopah. Andria Williams, 66, the manager of the Jim Butler Inn & Suites motel in Tonopah, was having her first cup of coffee when she experienced the earthquake. Andria said, “It was a little rattle that kept getting bigger and stronger,” and even added, “These kinds of things — 20 seconds can seem like five minutes.”

Graham Kent, the director of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory, mentioned that an earthquake of this intensity had not struck the state in 66 years. Dr. Kent said, “All of a sudden we have a big earthquake.” He further mentioned “The most interesting piece of this puzzle is that in Nevada, we have not had an earthquake of this magnitude since 1954. Sooner or later mother nature is going to catch up.”

The last equivalent earthquakes occurred in Nevada in 1954, when there was a pair east of the city of Fallon that evaluated  7.1 and 6.8, he stated. Friday’s earthquake hit about 200 miles away from Las Vegas. Six convulsions between 4.5 and 5.1-magnitude rippled through the area after the primary earthquake, the laboratory added. 

The U.S.G.S. predicts a 4 percent possibility of more convulsions as large or larger than 6.5 magnitudes in the area within the coming week, told Paul S. Earle, a U.S.G.S. seismologist.

Light to moderate trembling was experienced in larger cities like Reno and Las Vegas, along with Fresno and Sacramento in California.

In  Fresno, Lance Cardoza, a media consultant, stated that he woke up to the squeaking noises and trembling in his 12th-floor loft and his instant thought was that someone broke into his apartment. Then he saw his chandelier and television installed with chains swinging.  He said, “Because the building is so high, I felt it swaying and I felt a little dizzy,” “It lasted for about a good 30 seconds.”

Dr. Kent mentioned that in the last six weeks there had been  “quite a number of earthquakes throughout the western U.S.” This comprises of 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Idaho; a 6.0 in Southern California and a 5.7 in Salt Lake City, he stated. 

In 1992, a 7.6-magnitude earthquake took place 270 miles faraway from Tonopah, east of the Sierra Nevada range, which resulted in three deaths and 400 injuries. 


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