Massive explosion near oil well happened in Baghjan, Assam; three foreign experts harmed

The well has been emitting gas since May 28 along with a fire that has been fuming in the particular area since June 9 in which two firemen got killed. 

Three foreign experts in hydrocarbon well blowout from Singapore-based company Alert Disaster Control were harmed in an explosion of flames whilst prepping up for culminating a gas well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan in Assam that has been turfing out jets of fire and gas for nearly two months following the explosion. 

A formal statement from OIL stated, “Today in the afternoon, three experts from M/s Alert namely Anthony Steven Reynolds, Doug Dallas, and Craig Neil Duncan suffered minor burn injuries while removing a spool from the wellhead. The three experts were provided immediate medical attention by a doctor at the well site and later on, they were taken to burn a unit section of Astha Nursing Home at Dibrugarh. They have been released after dressing for the burn injuries. It is expected that operations will resume at Baghjan tomorrow.”

Two firemen of OIL namely- Durlav Gogoi and Tikeshwar Gohain had been killed as the well exploded on June 9 which was then followed by an explosion on May 27.

The dousing operation has been revoked at Baghjan following the explosion. The prime cause of the explosion, its scale and nature are being discovered, the officials told.

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