Mayor of Las Vegas wants COVID-19 regulations to be revoked, faces extensive national criticism

Regardless of public health officials’ opinion to keep businesses shut to combat the spread of COVID-19, Mayor Carolyn Goodman wants SinCity restarted as early as possible. 

Her “open now, ask questions later” philosophy has stimulated national television interviews and attracted critics claiming that it’s too early to cease the shutdown. Referring to Wednesday’s USA TODAY Network interview, Goodman said that “We are a hospitality state. We depend on service to the customers.” She further added, “I’m not talking about gaming. I’m talking about people who are out of work. We closed down with no plan of how to reopen, and that has been my plea from the beginning to the governor: Have a plan.”

On Tuesday Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak stated that he didn’t have a solid date on which businesses can anticipate to reopen – a process depending on the state’s developments in testing and containment benchmark set by state and federal health experts. As of yet, Nevada has over 4,000 positive cases of COVID-19 and 172 deaths.  Considering that the outbreak in Nevada began in early March, Sisolak said that these figures would likely be much more if Nevadans had not followed social distancing or even stayed at home.  

As a mayor, Goodman has no power over the Las Vegas Strip which prevails beyond the city limits in Clark County. 

Goodman said this is a good time to reopen and get the unemployed back to work.  

She further added, “These people now who are lost, who are out of work, they don’t have anyone to pay their rent, their mortgage, or even buy groceries. They call all the time, ‘I need a job, I need to earn money.'”  

Other key takeaways:

  • Goodman wants people to consider that everyone is a carrier and start from an even slate. She wants individuals to make their own choice.
  • Renowned personalities heavily criticized Goodman for her take on this issue. 
  • The majority of Americans disagree with Goodman.
  • Trump added that he’s fine with Nevada being shut down. 

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