Microsoft unveils its first industry-specific cloud offering: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

In 2017, Microsoft announced multiple innovative healthcare-related initiatives and solutions to support health sector associations and organizations to use smart technology to enhance the lives of people around the globe. In 2018, Microsoft declared several projects, solutions, and AI accelerators. In the previous year, Microsoft made superb advancements in this business and this year the giant tech company announced Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, which is its first industry-specific cloud solution.

Microsoft release their first industry-specific cloud offering: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Providers. This is the first in what is potentially going to be a set of cloud offerings that focus on specific verticals and extends a trend that is largely used by large cloud offerers (especially Google) that accommodate specific offerings based on the requirements of different industries.

Highlights of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare are: 

  • By using the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare companies can increase the value of Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Azure IoT to provide:
  1. Consumer-friendly patient experience
  2. Linked physician and referral management
  3. Improved patient engagement gateways
  4. Intelligent patient outreach
  5. Constant patient monitoring through IoT
  • The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare broadens the value of present Microsoft cloud services and Teams virtual visits, making it quicker and simpler for care teams to co-operate, communicate, coordinate care, and produce insights that aid in enhancing patient outcomes and workflow efficacious.
  • Healthcare companies are taking the benefit of analyzing data, developing virtual agents, automating workflows,  and sharing insights in the present time. The latest integration between Microsoft Teams and Power Apps allows them to share information at the right time. 
  • The future of extremely secure data quickness in the cloud– and the interoperability instruments that healthcare companies need to set up their health data in the cloud about FHIR – are incorporated into the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Microsoft has the maximum levels of promise to trust, security, and meeting industry compliance standards/certifications in the sector.
  • The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare also allows healthcare systems to take gain from a robust ecosystem of healthcare associates who can give solutions that supplement and broaden core cloud facilities.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is now accessible to public preview with a 6-months free trial.

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