Minecraft will come to PlayStation VR with an Upgrade in September End

Every gamer who has Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will get the fix automatically and once you download the patch, you will have the option to get to the new Minecraft VR functionality.

Minecraft is good to go for free update this month which will make the game playable on PlayStation VR. This update, which is ready to roll out at the end of this month, was reported by Mojang Studios in a blog. Mojang also included that the upgrade is going to come as a free download for all gamers. 

PlayStation VR (PSVR) Minecraft is something fans have been requesting from the company for some time now and however the exceptionally well-known game would already be able to be played on different augmented experience platforms, as on Oculus Rift (launched in 2016), Sony’s VR equipment has been ignored till now.

Mojang said that every player with Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will get the update naturally and once you download the patch you will have the option to get to the new Minecraft VR functionality. You will clearly require the PS VR set to use this feature.

The game developers have said that the PS VR version of the game will be 100% the same Minecraft you have been playing on Playstation 4, nothing changed. “100% wholesome” and “pure full-fat Minecraft”.

There will be some minor in-game changes to the game interface and set-up for VR and players will have the option to use the PS4 controller to move about and get things done while watching through the PS VR headset. Mojang refers to this in the blog that the game will have two modes – Living Room and Immersive, however hasn’t gone into insights regarding the same.

In spite of being 10 years old, Minecraft still keeps on being famous Microsoft had declared earlier this year that the game sales presently finished off 200 million across platforms with a spike in usage happening during the beginning of the pandemic.

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