National Technology Day: People assert that technology has helped them stay sound in the nationwide lockdown

The nationwide lockdown caused due to the virus has not been a smooth time for citizens, but technology at hand has been a steady support for everyone following the stay-at-home-order and maintaining social distancing.

For citizens who have been ignoring the importance of technology as of now must have switched their outlook since the lockdown began. In this difficult time, where social distancing and stay-at-home order must be followed, what is proving to be consistently helpful to stay sound is this technology. Be it a student, office employee, or a teacher or anyone, in that case, technology has influenced their life to an extent where they nullify its significance in pulling through this time and making lockdown tolerable while trying to work, study or stay in contact with family and friends. 

On the occasion of National Technology Day, May 11, individuals from various segments of life express how technology has been a rescuer for them. Rahul Dahiya, a Delhi-based student who is getting ready for his MBA, states, “I have been studying for entrance exams for a while now, and I have been able to study without much hassle. All thanks to the online books and other research material available at National Digital Library’s website. When you buy a book, it costs much more, but here they are available for free and with much time in hands, one should cash in on this technology.”

Hitesh Bhardwaj, from Delhi, who is gearing up for his law exams, states, “Digital library is a khazana (treasure-trove) for those who really want to study. I have found a stock of amazing reading material on the website, and I’m using this opportunity as much as I can. This is all possible due to technology and on this day, we should thank those who have made it possible.”

Even the educators are happy that they are able to apply technology for the advantage of educating their students. Medha Gupta, a Gurugram-based school tutor said, “We have to complete the syllabus and make sure that our students don’t suffer due to this lockdown. It’s all possible due to the various apps and platforms available for us to teach. I have no doubt that technology is playing a crucial role in this pandemic.”

In today’s age, not just academics. but even web series, online fitness, cooking and dance classes, and also broadcast of news are all achievable due to developments in technology. Monika Sharma, a Green Park resident states, “Imagine I get to attend yoga classes with my in-laws at the comfort of my house! I used to attend them before lockdown as well, but then I had to travel. Now, I can practice yoga along with my parents, while using technology, to keep us all fit. I never thought of this before, but now I have decided that even after the lockdown, I will keep my family indulged in online classes.”

And how can one not remember corporate professionals who are working from home? Amit Yadav, who works in an MNC state, “From 9 in the morning to 8 in the night, I am glued to video calls, sorting out one project after the other. I wonder what would have happened to my job had I not had a laptop and the necessary apps alongside a WiFi connectivity!”

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