PM Narendra Modi is received by West Bengal’s CM Mamata Banerjee at Kolkata airport in accordance with a request

Mamta Banerjee, West Bengal Chief Minister has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to announce ‘Cyclone Amphan’ as a national emergency. She even had earlier mentioned that Rs 1,000 crore capital has been generated for revival work for areas impacted by the Cyclone Amphan.

Following the updates on the destruction caused by the ‘Cyclone Amphan’, On Friday while receiving PM Modi at the Kolkata airport, Banerjee made the appeal to PM Modi who had arrived in West Bengal to assess the situation of the devastation caused by the cyclone. PM Modi will even carry out an aerial survey of the impacted areas.

Banerjee had previously pitched for central support and had asked PM Modi to pay a visit to the cyclone-affected areas. The state government had evacuated five lakh people from the anticipated areas to protect them from the cyclone that raged into the state on Wednesday, packing winds squalling to a peak speed of 185 kmph.

The chief minister had previously mentioned on Thursday that Rs 1,000 crore capital has been generated for the restoration work concerning the impacted areas due to Cyclone Amphan. She also had stated this cyclone has caused the death of 80 people in the state, as reported by ANI news agency. 

On Thursday, PM Modi had ensured West Bengal that the country stands in solidarity with it as the state enumerates its casualties and damages owing to the cyclone Amphan.

The Prime Minister had even tweeted and stated, “Have been seeing visuals from West Bengal on the devastation caused by Cyclone Amphan. In this challenging hour, the entire nation stands in solidarity with West Bengal. Praying for the well-being of the people of the state. Efforts are on to ensure normalcy.”

Cyclone Amphan has claimed the lives of 72 people and thousands of people have become homeless in West Bengal, battering various parts of the state and flushing away bridges along with flooding low-lying regions.

To assist with the rescue and relief activities, on Thursday, two teams of the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) were airlifted by Indian Air Force (IAF) from Pune to Kolkata. 

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