Popular Country Band Lady Antebellum Gets a New Name: Lady A

On Thursday, the trio Country Band’s Lady dropped “Antebellum” from her name, claimed a social media update from the Grammy Award-winning group. 


The trio behind the hits “Need You Now” and “Bartender” now is recognized as “Lady A,” giving up on the term used specifically to explain existence before the American Civil War. 


In a statement via social media, the band featuring members Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, and Dave Haywood stated that when Lady A was created 14 years ago,  the band didn’t believe the pre-Civil War ” associations that weigh down this word,” comprising of the ties to slavery. 


The statement claimed “We are deeply sorry for the hurt this has caused and for anyone who has felt unsafe, unseen, or unvalued,” The statement further added, . “Causing pain was never our hearts’ intention, but it doesn’t change the fact that indeed, it did just that. So today, we speak up and make a change.” 


There’s “no excuse” for taking this decision even if it is approximately a decade-and-a-half career later, the post stated. The band admits of its “lateness” to make the change, writing that “this is just one step” in addressing the existing systemic racism. 


The group stated that they would be contributing to the Equal Justice Initiative via LADYAID, a nonprofit organization initiated by Lady A in 2012. 


“We are committed to examining our individual and collective impact and making the necessary changes to practice antiracism,” the statement claimed. “We will continue to educate ourselves, have hard conversations, and search the parts of our hearts that need pruning — to grow into better humans, better neighbors.” 

The choice to remove “Antebellum” comes in as protesters countrywide proceed to call for systemic amendments toward racial equality. Presentations against racial inequality revived in late May, after the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, in Minneapolis. 

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