Signal is improving their game to undertake Zoom, WhatsApp

Privacy-conscious users rely on Signal, an uber-secure instant messaging platform. Signal is currently working on several features to undertake the likes of both  Zoom and WhatsApp.


With more than 2 billion users globally, for the longest time, WhatsApp the world’s most famous instant messaging platform. The popularity, nevertheless, does not mean that several other platforms do not have their loyal customer base. For instance, Telegram- the privacy-focused has been around for quite some time and time and again made up to WhatsApp-like features. As of now, Signal is also leveling up its game.


Signal is a cross-platform encoded messaging service. The pavilion feature of Signal is privacy. The instant messaging application is open source and also utilizes end-to-end encryption by default. It does not reserve any metadata of messages or utilize the cloud to backup messages. Signal has been supported by the likes of the European Union, Edward Snowden, and also Brian Acton, who is one of the WhatsApp creators. 


Privacy may not just be the mere reason to get billions of users to assemble behind a messaging application. There have to be plenty of features that correspond to WhatsApp or even override it. Signal’s next big venture is a desktop call. The most recent beta release features backs one-to-one voice and also video calls. It works for macOS, Windows, and Linux.


Currently, the desktop calling is limited to one-on-one calls. Yet, Signal may have indicated a larger plan for the service. The world is already working remotely and reckoning on digital platforms to communicate and work together, video calling platforms like Zoom and Meet have grown in fame. Considering Zoom, this could be a huge opportunity.


In a blog post shared previously this month, Signal stated: “We think that calls need to zoom out of the past and into the future, and your feedback will help us get there.” 


A secure desktop calling application could further assist Signal woo mobile consumers who may want an invariable experience throughout the platforms.


One more feature that may work in Signal’s support is the capacity to receive a message from users beyond their devices’ contact list. Assigned as message requests, the feature could further support Signal increase uptake amidst privacy-conscious consumers who are rooting for more and more advanced features from their instant messaging app.

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