Teacher Appreciation Week – Google Doodle Honors the Classroom Heroes

Google Doodle honors teachers, who were unsung heroes prior to classrooms being closed throughout the nation to safeguard students and contain for the spread of the virus. Those educators who promptly shifted their classrooms and syllabus online highlights the superhuman effort that these teachers make to teach their students.

For 4th May, Google developed the Doodle to mark the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, working in partnership with 54 State Teachers of the Year who visited the Google campus in February. 

Kevin Laughlin, Google Doodle’s illustration artist stated that he was motivated by meeting the teachers as he worked on Doodle. “I know from firsthand experience how much of a positive impact a teacher can have on a young person’s life,”, he further added. “I can’t express how happy I am to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Teacher Appreciation project this year.”

Google mentioned that the search interest for ‘how to thank a teacher’ had almost tripled in the past months as both students and parents searched for the ways to display their appreciation for their teachers.

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