Oppo teases 125W fast charging tech, and will debut on July 15

Oppo is all set to launch an industry-first 125W rapidly charging technology for its forthcoming smartphones on July 15.


Oppo is teasing the 125W rapidly charging technology that will stand on top of the paramount 65W on the smartphones. This 125W fast charging technology is affirmed to be declared on July 15. Oppo’s 125W charging tech will be a first in the sector which will even surpass Xiaomi’s 100W speedy charging tech that is in progress and will possibly be uncovered sometime later this year. 


Oppo could reveal the charging technology on a smartphone but that will possibly be an archetype. The commercial edition of the 125W fast charging technology may be released sometime this year whereas when Xiaomi is poised to release the 100W fast charging for its smartphones.


Oppo declared via tweet that it will introduce the 125W fast charging on July 15. There will potentially be an online event for the introduction of Oppo’s forthcoming technology for its smartphones. Strangely enough, similar technology could be handed down to Realme smartphones also as both the brands share the resources amongst each other. An old report also indicated that Realme is working on a 100W+ fast charging technology, which could actually the one which Oppo is about to introduce. 


Although there is no much information on how the 125W fast charging technology will work, there is a clear idea of the reported 100W+ fast charging that Realme is working on would be. As per tipster Ishan Agarwal, the 100W+ fast charging being made by Realme will charge one-third of a 4000mAh battery in just three minutes. This even implies that the charging tech will charge the battery completely in just 10 minutes. The practicability of the charging tech is largely dependant on several other factors, like the processor of the smartphone. 


Xiaomi too is working on its fast charging technology, which is at the moment capped at 100W and is anticipated to be introduced sometime later in 2020. The technology was proclaimed to fill a 4000mAh battery in merely 17 minutes, which takes much less than half the time consumed by the 65W fast charging technologies applied on most flagship smartphones by Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme.


Either way, the 125W fast charging technology that will be released on July 15 will surely determine a new standard for the industry to track and imitate. It will slightly be ambitious to hope for similar technology from the likes of Samsung and LG soon, but such rapid charging technology of a smartphone battery will change the game forever with launch of 125W fast charging.

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