This Teachers’ Day, Microsoft Teams Brings New Features for Virtual Classrooms

On this Teacher’s day, Microsoft is helping teachers progress in virtual learning by explaining things on video or simply mailing PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft Teams is separating itself from the competition with particular highlights and keeping it from turning out to be one more video-conferencing application with ‘Teams for Education’ feature. With the COVID-19 pandemic essentially bringing school and college life to an end, Microsoft Teams is offering solutions to make sure that the learning doesn’t stop as there is no assurance that the situation improves in the short term.

On this Teacher’s day, Microsoft is helping teachers progress to preferable virtual learning over simply attempting to explain things online or simply mailing PowerPoint presentations. Here is a rundown of new highlights that are set to be presented (before the year’s period) and may assist teachers with associating better with students and enhance engagement during the virtual classes.

More participants

Presently, you can have up to 49 members on a single screen simultaneously. This will be practiced with a framework of seven columns and seven rows showing all the students. The preview of the new interface will be accessible not long from now followed by global accessibility later this year.

Tool for group projects

In the event that you are trying to divide teams for a specific venture or a task during the school/college hours and need to watch out for what they are doing, you will just have an option of virtual breakout meetings. During these meetings, you will have the option to speak with each group independently.

More engagement from students

The hand-raising feature in a video meeting is an old one yet at the same time a fundamental one. Teachers will likewise have the option to see an arrangement of attendance reports and class insights. This will assist you in following the pace of tasks turned in, activity measurements, and grades. 

Enhanced security, more control 

The meeting lobby will help teachers keep students away from beginning the class before their supervision. They will have the option to pick the students they permit to join a specific class and allot moderators in a meeting to keep them engaged with and not simply sit and use their cell phone.

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