Today onwards, Halo 2 will return back on PC

Halo 2 is releasing for PC today at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT. Microsoft is launching the game late during the US day because of the “current bandwidth concerns across the globe,” developer 343 industries mentioned on Twitter.

Despite the launch of the PC version, problems in Halo 2 will prevail with the release. Few of them are rather dangerous and can block a player’s experience. Several campaign missions will also undergo FPS drops at the beginning, while gunfire sounds are absent for numerous weapons when using the Scarab Skull. Developer 343 industries states, “Sometimes things take time, and it’s hard to communicate that out to the fan base.”

He further added, “This is modern game development. We need not be scared to say, ‘Yeah, we ran into some problems. This is what our plan is, let’s talk about that, let’s work together on it, we’re going to fly it, please give us feedback on it, what you say matters to us, we’ll adjust. It’s moving along pretty well. I think people will be happy with the result, though they’ve had to wait longer.” 

John Junyszek, developer 343 industries also declared the launch times for other countries. On May 13, the UK will have access to the game at 4 AM, whereas Moscow and Tokyo will witness it unravel at 6 AM and noon, respectively. Numerous fans have been excited to have it in their library. 

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