Twitter rolls out a new feature which will enable voice tweets on iPhone

Social media giant Twitter is all set to modify how users tweet with the introduction of voice-based tweets.

In a blog post, Twitter declared that they will be launching voice-based tweets. The company mentioned that “Starting today, we’re testing a new feature that will add more human touch to the way we use Twitter- your very own voice.”

Twitter stated that over time, users have had the choice of expressing or “add your own flair and personality to you conversations” by using gifs, videos, photos and additional characters. “But sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation,” indicated the blog post.

Tweeting using voice is not very unusual from tweeting with text, stated Twitter. In order to use this feature, the users will have to click and open the Tweet composer and then tap on the brand new symbol with wavelengths. Users will be able to notice profile picture along with a record button placed at the bottom-which should be tapped on to record voice and tweet.

Every single voice catches upto 140 seconds of audio and once the time restraint is fulfilled, new voice tweet begins automatically in order to produce a thread,

Twitter has made clear that the choice of making voice tweets will only be accessible to a restricted group of users using Twitter for iOS to begin with.

Nonetheless, in the forthcoming weeks, all the users on iOS should be capable to use this new feature and tweet with their voice. “Everyone will be able to see (hear) them and reply,” stated Twitter.
Despite this, Twitter did not talk about any news related to introducing this brand new feature on Android smartphones.

The blog post further indicated, “Whether it’s #storytime about your encounter with wild geese in your neighbourhood, a journalist sharing breaking news, or a first-hand account from a protest, we hope voice Tweeting gives you the ability to share your perspectives quickly and easily with your voice. We can’t wait to see how people will use this to make their voices heard and add to the public conversation.”

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