Uber India dismisses 600 employees, a quarter of their manpower

On Tuesday, the ride-hailing firm, Uber India declared that they are dismissing about 600 full-time staff because of the global pandemic.  The firm stated that these affected positions are concerning the driver and rider support activities along with other functions.

According to Uber India’s statement, that flagged around 25 per cent of the company’s labour force in the country. The affected positions involve the company’s driver and rider support activities, and other functions, Uber India and South Asia President Pradeep Parameswaran mentioned in a statement. This action of Uber India takes place at a time when India continues to stay in the fourth stage of a nationwide lockdown with a handful of exceptions to control the spread of the virus outburst, which has forced the economy to come down into a standstill and obliged numerous businesses to curtail the labor force.

Mr. Parameswaran stated, “The impact of COVID-19 and the unpredictable nature of the recovery has left Uber India SA with no choice but to reduce the size of its workforce… Today is an incredibly sad day for colleagues leaving the Uber family and all of us at the company.” 

Uber India told that these dismissals are part of the earlier declared job cuts around the globe.

In the last week, the US-based Uber Technologies – which is the parent corporation of Uber India – declared a 23 percent slash in its employees, in an attempt to become cost-effective in spite of the global pandemic.

Uber Technologies had mentioned that a sum total of 6,700 jobs will be affected, comprising of 3,700 declared previously this month, and will focus on its core businesses of ride-hailing and food delivery.

Mr. Parameswaran added, “Each (of the impacted employees) will receive a minimum 10-weeks payout, medical insurance coverage for the next six months, outplacement support, be allowed to retain their laptops and given the option to join the Uber talent directory.” 

In the previous week, Uber India’s competitor, Ola, announced the dismissal of 1,400 labor workers to steer through the severe lockdown which is said to have caused a 95 percent decrease in its revenue.


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